[coreboot] unifying `acpi_tables.c`

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Thu May 26 03:03:03 CEST 2011

* shawn Bai <programassem at hotmail.com> [110522 06:28]:
> Hi,folks,  
> I searched for 'acpi_tables.c' in directory 'mainboard', and 49
> entries come.They are as follows, but not all listed here,just for
> your reference.
> I don't know ACPI and don't know the reason why there are so many
> files with the same name scattering in different subdirectories. 
> For different mainboards, should the implementation in 'acpi_tables.c'
> be so different? Does it depend on ACPI spec or the mainboard details,
> or both? 
> Maybe the answer is quite clear; I know little, so forgive me have
> this problem. 
> I find the contents of some 'acpi_tables.c' among the 49 entries are
> the same,or just different with a conditional preprocessor
> macros,such as '#if CONFIG_BOARD_HAS_FADT == 1'.
> Definitely, the 49 files with the same name 'acpi_tables.c' can be
> combined into one or more files, but the number must be less than 49,
> and this can reduce the chance of errors. 

They mostly call functions that have been unified in

And yes, we should try to unify them and get rid of as much code as
possible and reasonable from the mainboard directories.


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