[coreboot] state support of a mainboard at http://geizhals.at/deutschland/?cat=mb1ppga_ddr

Markus Kübler markus_kubler at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 18:17:23 CEST 2011


if you have a look at this page here:

you will notice, that you can filter for "DD-WRT". That means, the model
is supported by DD-WRT and not necessarily that it is pre-installed!

I was wondering, whether the support of coreboot of a model could be
stated here:
Under "Besonderheiten:"="Features"

I, as a customer, am highly interested in such a filter. Question is,
whether you and they (geizhals) are as well.

I highly doubt, the people there are willing to check
whether a product is already supported once a week...

Since I represent neither coreboot (obviously) nor geizhals nor DD-WRT,
I have no idea how this flow of information could be managed. But I love
the idea of having this filter, right before I buy something.

They already filter for UEFI, I'd like to be able to filter for coreboot
as well.

Oh, http://skinflint.co.uk/?cat=mb1ppga_ddr seems to be their english site.


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