[coreboot] [commit] r6584 - trunk/src/mainboard/amd/persimmon

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Fri May 20 19:54:09 CEST 2011

Mark Marshall wrote:

]> +    __outdword (0xcf8, 0x8000a3b8);
]> +    __outdword (0xcfc, __indword (0xcfc) | 0<<  24);
]Isn't this a no-op (or'ing 0 into the read value and writing it back)?

Hello Mark,

Thanks for point this out. You are certainly correct. This
was left over from a test of its effectiveness and not restored.
I repeated the test with the corrected code and it cuts boot
time by 4 ms. Revision 6601 corrects it.

Still needed is a change to replace these in line code sequences
with calls to existing PCI config functions.


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