[coreboot] Issue #16: I2C driver and mainboard Config.lb

Vikram Narayanan vikram186 at gmail.com
Mon May 16 16:54:26 CEST 2011


Can any one share the latest info on this ticket? While discussing this
with Stefan Reinauer, he shared me some info on this. I am also adding
this here.

>From Ollie Lho:
>There are a lot of mainboards using driver/generic/generic as the i2c
driver of their HW monitor. They should be changed to driver/i2c/*.
Stefan Reinauer: 
And it seems drivers/generic/generic does not exist anymore or
potentially never existed.

>Rename driver/i2c/i2cmux to driver/i2c/pca9556
Stefan Reinauer: 
I think the problem was that i2cmux was not a generic i2cmux driver but
instead a driver for the pca9556 but i am not sure anymore. it would
take someone to look into that.


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