[coreboot] How long will take to add coreboot support for my motherboard?

Андрей Клаус deepmindster at gmail.com
Sun May 15 20:13:30 CEST 2011

Hello everybody,

I'm a newbe in this question. And english is not my native language. So,
sorry for stupid and smooth questions..

I have a motherboard (epox 9NPA3I / 9NPA3J / 9NPAJ-3 / 9NPA3 Ultra Series)
which is not supported 4GB memory.. at least in 4x1GB variant.

I thinked may be it is software/bios problem. I updated bios to last
version, still nothing.

I thinked about coreboot (always wanted to try it).

Unfortunatly, my motherboard is not in supported list.

But looks like my chipset (CK804) and my superio (F71872F/FG) are in
supported list.

I have small expirience in C (about 1 year, about 5 years ago). So, i
thinked about the trying to add support for my motherboard.

My 1st question is: how long will take for proffessional coreboot developer
to add support of my motherboard?

I think i'll may be spend 5-10 times more. If for professional it will take
up to 4 hours, i think i'll try. If not - i'll just leave an idea and will
return memory.

2nd question (if 1st will positive, but anyway..): where should i start?

3rd question: actually, superiotool said me this (and is that ok?):
#superiotool -d
superiotool r5050
Found Fintek F71872F/FG / F71806F/FG (vid=0x3419, id=0x4103) at 0x4e
No dump available for this Super I/O

Thank you, guys.
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