[coreboot] Alternate for serial port debug messages

Prakash Punnoor prakash at punnoor.de
Sat May 14 12:17:48 CEST 2011


On 12.05.2011 12:28, Andrew Goodbody wrote:
> Vikram Narayanan wrote:
>> I have an USB port that has debug capabilities (according to the
>> lspci output)
>> Should I buy the one mentioned in this page
>> http://www.coreboot.org/EHCI_Debug_Port
> Yes
>> or can I use a normal cable to debug?
> There is no normal cable to connect two host ports together and doing
> so would be a bad idea anyway.
Are you sure? I didn't try it yet, but according to
it should be possible to use a Linux machine as USB debug port device.

I haven't checked whether the patch (or something similar) landed in

Once I find time I wanted to try it myself, as the Abit A-S78H I am
trying to port coreboot to, doesn't have serial ports, as well.



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