[coreboot] U-Boot-x86 / coreboot Integration

Graeme Russ graeme.russ at gmail.com
Wed May 11 05:12:16 CEST 2011

>> > for two or three graphics chipsets. SeaBIOS can initialize any VGA
>> > option ROM, but then you need SeaBIOS in the loop.
>> > Option ROMs are ageold technology and stupid, but they are still
>> > firmly entrenched in PC hardware. A BIOS was always there so everyone
>> > assumes it will always stay there, not very many question if
>> > something better could be done.
>> Would be interesting to investigate implementing a stub in U-Boot to
>> initialise and use VGA option ROMs
> VGA option ROMs call BIOS functions.  So, one needs a BIOS
> implementation (eg, SeaBIOS) or an emulator for them (eg, in
> coreboot).

What does Linux do? i.e. if you boot Linux from coreboot, how does it
output to the VGA console? I know it uses BIOS early on (before switching
to protected mode) but what does it do after entering protected mode?



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