[coreboot] U-Boot-x86 / coreboot Integration

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed May 11 02:46:53 CEST 2011

Graeme Russ wrote:
> >> Would be interesting to investigate implementing a stub in U-Boot to
> >> initialise and use VGA option ROMs
> >
> > VGA option ROMs call BIOS functions.  So, one needs a BIOS
> > implementation (eg, SeaBIOS) or an emulator for them (eg, in
> > coreboot).
> How many functions are needed?

That depends completely on the particular VGA option ROM.

Having as complete a BIOS environment as can possibly be accomplished
is the only hope to making arbitrary option ROMs work.

Option ROMs are heavily tied into the BIOS concept.

> (surely not all the IDE and keyboard stuff for example)

I think I've seen some VGA option ROM get stuck waiting for
non-working keyboard BIOS services.

> - Could the bare minimum be implemented in a stripped-down modified
> SeaBIOS?

Not really.

> All this because stupid hardware manufacturers refuse to release details
> of how to do even the most basic of functions with their hardware :(

Welcome to coreboot.


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