[coreboot] [PATCH] RS690 code booting RS740 with ECS A740GM-M

Ivaylo Valkov ivaylo at e-valkov.org
Mon May 9 16:54:02 CEST 2011

At 24.01.2011 Ivaylo Valkov wrote:
> Peter Stuge writes:
> > Ivaylo Valkov wrote:
> >> Adds RS740 HT and internal graphics PCI ids. 
> >> Adds support for RS740 in RS690 code (some of the fam10 code from RS780).
> >> Adds support for ECS A740GM-M.
> >> 
> >> This definitely needs more patches and fine-tuning. 
> >> Only tested on RS740.
> >
> > Please keep working on this and keep sending patches! I think in
> > particular splitting this up into individual patches will be
> > neccessary to get anyone to really take a look at it.
> In that case I will split it like this:
> * patch for PCI IDs
> * patch for RS690 code (gfx, ht, early_setup)
> * patch for ECS A740GM-M with files from multiple boards sources and modifications
> * patch for ECS A740GM-M with directly copied files from other boards
> The patches will have to be applied in that order. Some of them can be
> split even further.  I'll keep sending my patches in this thread.

Hello, list.

I finally had some time to split these patches and test them against the
latest code in svn. My two boards are in use and it is harder to test.


PCI network cards crash my kernel after few packets are sent. I've
tested at least two or three cards few months ago. I am able to
reproduce this even with the first patches I've sent.

The extracted VGA ROM does not work with the internal graphics anymore.
There is no video output. The output from dmesg is:

pci 0000:01:05.0: Invalid ROM contents

The kernel loads and the system seems to be working. I was able to log
via ssh over the internal network card. The patches are sent as separate
messages in this thread.

Ivaylo Valkov
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