[coreboot] Mail from a student who wants to apply for coreboot GSoC project

Hamo hamo.by at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 05:21:19 CEST 2011

> Hi Hamo,
> Welcome to coreboot. While you are  working on your project idea you
> should also be making yourself familiar with coreboot. Please go
> through the process of downloading, building, and running coreboot on
> a mainboard, or SimNow, or QEMU.
Thanks. I have already checked out the source code of Coreboot and
built a few with the payload Seabios and Linux kernel. Since I don't
have a mainboard supported by Coreboot, I have to run it on QEMU.
I am analyzing the source code and trying to get familiar with it.
> When considering your project, think about the hardware and tools you
> will need for development. Bari, Ron, and Jason may have some
> recommendations on what target to use.
> Marc
> --
> http://se-eng.com

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