[coreboot] Stutter on boot for Geos embedded board

Nathan Williams nathan at traverse.com.au
Mon Mar 28 01:32:17 CEST 2011

On Sun, 2011-03-27 at 16:09 -0700, Philip Prindeville wrote:
> Is there a link to an image for the board (and flashing directions) on your website?

No, there isn't.  Which SST chip do you have?  49LF080A or 49LF004B?
I can send you an image off list.

Flashing instructions are to use flashrom -w imagefile.

Flashrom is available as a package in OpenWRT, but from memory I think
it looks for /dev/cpu/0/msr and OpenWRT has /dev/msr0 instead.  Create a
symlink to get it to work.

Running flashrom without any arguments will tell you if the chip is
detected correctly.  You can also verify an image with
flashrom -v imagefile.


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