[coreboot] [RFC] Build system changes

Sven Schnelle svens at stackframe.org
Sun Mar 27 12:02:02 CEST 2011

Hi List,

This patch series contains two patches. The first fixes building
coreboot with multiple jobs (The -jX option in make). When building
coreboot without a build/ directory, the coreboot.pre target fails
to build, as build/config.h doesn't exist at that stage.

The second patch is rather intrusive, as it changes the way how
devicetree.cb files are parsed. Right now, they are passed directly to
sconfig for processing. This patch changes that behaviour in a way that
cpp is run before passing it to sconfig.

This has the advantage that we can use config.h definitions for building
a devicetree based on kconfig choices - which is usefull for example in
the Thinkpad T60 port i'm preparing right now. The motherboard of the
T60 can have three different Graphic chips: Intel GMA, Radeon X1300,
and FireGL V5200. With this patch, we can have the user to select the
right Adapter, and include only the relevant parts from devicetree.cb by
using #ifdef/#endif directives.

The bad thing about this patch is, that '#' can't be used for comments, so
the patch also changes all comments to use '//' which is valid for passing
it through cpp.

I have to review all the comment changes, but i want to post that patch early
for discussion.


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