[coreboot] Mail from a student who wants to apply for coreboot GSoC project

Hamo hamo.by at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 15:58:54 CET 2011

Hi lists,
This is a student from China who wants to apply for coreboot GSoC
project. I am now studying Computer Science and Technology in Hebei
University of Technology, which is a key university in China. I
ardently love low-level developing.
For this project, I want to do something on ARM. So I want to help
finish the idea that porting coreboot to Marvell ARM SOC's with PCIe.
Can someone give me some suggestions?

    Keep It Simple,Stupid.

Chinese Name: 白杨
Nick Name: Hamo
Homepage: http://hamobai.com/
GPG KEY ID: 0xA4691A33
Key fingerprint = 09D5 2D78 8E2B 0995 CF8E  4331 33C4 3D24 A469 1A33

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