[coreboot] Removable Boot drive ok ?

vogel at ct.metrocast.net vogel at ct.metrocast.net
Thu Mar 24 23:30:57 CET 2011

(My apology if this is off-topic. )

Computers that I have owned in the past have had boot drives that are pretty 
much locked down. They have been in steel
card cages that are not easily removed and pretty much inaccessable without 
dismantling everything.,

So, since I am klutzy and not confident about assembling one, I asked my 
local computer store to put one together with
a slide-out drawer that would hold the boot drive. To try out a different 
operating system I would simply shut down, put
a fresh drive in the drawer, close it and reinstall. That way I could boot 
into any operating system that I want.

Since Windows is favorably priced with a new machine, I asked for it as the 
first software configuration. The machine is ready for pickup.

Although I made it clear that this is what I need, the store didn't actually 
do it. I'm going to try again to get it my way.

So here's the question: Do you know of any reason not to do it ?

Is the BIOS modified by this activity ?

Thanks in advance for your response.


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