[coreboot] Does nvramtool have snapshots or releases tarballs?

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Wed Mar 16 05:56:00 CET 2011

* Andrey Zonov <andrey at zonov.org> [110313 16:05]:
> Hi,
> I'm making FreeBSD port of nvramtool and I don't want to download
> full coreboot snapshot to build only nvramtool. Where can I find
> snapshots of nvramtool only? If you don't separate that things,
> don't you mind if I will make snapshots by myself and put it on my
> website (and freebsd.org maybe)?
> Thanks.

You can download specific releases of subtrees through trac:

Some snapshots are kept here:

Other than that there are no separate archives for sub projects.

If this helps you, feel free to host them on your website. But a
complete coreboot tree bzipped is only 4.5MB, so it's not incredibly


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