[coreboot] mingw build problem with seabios/tools/kconfig

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sun Mar 13 21:13:22 CET 2011

Am 13.03.2011 20:25, schrieb Scott Duplichan:
> ]In general, maybe just copy over coreboot's kconfig and look for the
> ]changes (there are some you'd have to revert)?
> This is essentially what I am doing now. To run abuild, I change
> the default payload from seabios to none. I am hoping to find a
> solution that works with no modification to the coreboot trunk
> at all.
I was thinking about changing seabios' kconfig the same way we changed
coreboot's kconfig.
No changes to coreboot necessary.

> Here is another problem with using mingw to build coreboot. 
> Building projects that include the new AMD reference code
> (ASRock E350, AMD Persimmon, AMD Inagua) fail with the message,
> "Couldn't commit memory for cygwin heap",
> http://gitorious.org/msys/msys/blobs/MSYS-1_0_14/src/winsup/cygwin/cygheap.cc#line175
> Restarting the build works around the problem. I found cygheap.cc
> uses a very simple malloc/free scheme where the memory originates
> from Windows function VirtualAlloc, yet is never returned by calling
> VirtualFree. In addition, VirtualAlloc allocates one 4096 byte page
> minimum, which is wasting a lot for allocations of only a few bytes.
> For now, I just expanded CYGHEAPSIZE a bit. A better fix may be 
> needed in the future.
I'm not quite sure - are you using mingw or cygwin?


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