[coreboot] mingw build problem with seabios/tools/kconfig

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sun Mar 13 20:25:20 CET 2011

Patrick Georgi wrote:

]Am 13.03.2011 04:47, schrieb Scott Duplichan:
]> Hello,
]> I am trying to overcome problems buildingseabios/tools/kconfigfrom
]> the windows/mingw environment.Hereare the failures:
]> 1)Link step fortools/kconfig/conffails to findregcomp/regexec/regfree.
]>   In the mingw environment these functions are available in libregex,
]>   but libregexis notincluded inthe standard library search. I have
]>   not found away to add'-lregex'to the link command line:

]The main issue is that libregex isn't available reliably on mingw.
]On coreboot, I simply added a libregex implementation to the tree and
]added it to the build.

I thought about this method too. I could just add the needed objects
to a library that is already included in the default search.

]In general, maybe just copy over coreboot's kconfig and look for the
]changes (there are some you'd have to revert)?

This is essentially what I am doing now. To run abuild, I change
the default payload from seabios to none. I am hoping to find a
solution that works with no modification to the coreboot trunk
at all.


Here is another problem with using mingw to build coreboot. 
Building projects that include the new AMD reference code
(ASRock E350, AMD Persimmon, AMD Inagua) fail with the message,
"Couldn't commit memory for cygwin heap",
Restarting the build works around the problem. I found cygheap.cc
uses a very simple malloc/free scheme where the memory originates
from Windows function VirtualAlloc, yet is never returned by calling
VirtualFree. In addition, VirtualAlloc allocates one 4096 byte page
minimum, which is wasting a lot for allocations of only a few bytes.
For now, I just expanded CYGHEAPSIZE a bit. A better fix may be 
needed in the future.


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