[coreboot] mingw build problem with seabios/tools/kconfig

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sun Mar 13 19:37:16 CET 2011

Peter Stuge wrote:

]Scott Duplichan wrote:
]> I have not found a way to add '-lregex' to the link command line:
]> $(Q)$(HOSTCC) $(HOSTLDFLAGS) -o $@ $(addprefix $(obj)/,$($(@F)-objs)) $(HOST_LOADLIBES) ]$(HOSTLOADLIBES_$(@F))
]> HOSTLDFLAGS occurs too early in the file list for this use.
]I'd say the above command line is incorrect. HOSTLDFLAGS should come
]right before HOST_LOADLIBES.

I suppose so, at least for the use of adding libraries.

]> 3) Function mkdir() takes only one argument in the mingw environment,
]>    yet takes 2 arguments otherwise. I have not found a good way to 
]>    overcome this difference.
]#ifdef WIN32
]	mkdir(path);
]	mkdir(path, mask);

This method works. I will repost this message on the seabios list
if no mingw change/fix can be found to get this build working.



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