[coreboot] Coreboot Hackathon

Florentin Demetrescu echelon at free.fr
Sat Mar 12 17:47:08 CET 2011


Are you people (from Europe and .. abroad) still interested for a coreboot
hackathon in april/may in Prague?
Today there are only 4 answers for the doodle poll started by Rudolph.
By the way, Rudolph, do you think it is still possible for you to organise this
event in Prague anytime soon or not? Do you need some help eventually?
In general, for my part, I'm very interested for this kind of event, but
unfortunately I don't have right now the time/resources to travel to America so
doing it in Europe will be a good thing this time for me.. :-/

Best regards,

Quoting Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>:

> Rudolf Marek wrote:
> > Well for all those Europeans which might feel bit sad that
> > California is "far far way" I have a following proposal.
> >
> > Lets meet in Prague for a weekend in April/May.
> These are really awesome initiatives! I wish I could come to both,
> but I guess it'll be Prague for me.
> In any case, we also have a good opportunity to meet up during
> FOSDEM, and I hope that a lot of people will be there.
> Last year we did the devroom and that pretty much kept everyone
> occupied full time. This year it is "only" an expo stand and a talk,
> but I think there will still not be a lot of time for hacking - so
> the hackathons are a wonderful idea.
> > Prague is not so distant:
> >
> > Prague - Dresden - 153km
> > Prague - Wien - 334km
> > Prague - Nurnberg - 291km
> I might come by car from Berlin, and could of course pick up some
> passengers along the way.
> > I created some doodle (which contains just fridays from the intended
> > weekends).
> >
> > http://doodle.com/2n4h3gcugwvs6c9k
> Note that LinuxTag has moved into May (11-14) so we should plan a
> date around that somehow cleverly. I think the first two weekends
> in May are out, but question is if we want to do hackathon before
> or after LinuxTag.
> At LinuxTag there are usually more people interested in using
> coreboot than developing, but there are exceptions, and it would be
> great to invite those who are interested to the hackathon.
> //Peter
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