[coreboot] [PATCH] [3/4] [The 604 CAR crusades] Episode III - Revenge of the Abuild

Alex G. mr.nuke.me at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 00:32:20 CET 2011

On 03/12/2011 01:19 AM, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> The S2735 is a dual Xeon server board. While I am pretty sure that this
> one worked nicely at some point, I don't think that this suggests that
> we should enable the same CAR code on all other socket 604 boards
> without testing.
Umh, the same CAR code is used for all supported Intel CPUs. I don't
know why you guys are so skeptical on this. It's code that's been proven
to work on numerous CPUs, including the socket that this patch is
referring to.


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