[coreboot] Coreboot for AMD Fusion family 14h: ASRock E350M1

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Mar 11 23:21:46 CET 2011

Anish Patel wrote:
>> ]are there any plans to support this new GOP model they (the EFI
>> ]guys) are trying to push?
>> I like the idea of replacing a 16-bit binary module with 32-bit
>> source code.
> Well Intel lets you get to their GOP module with IMGD/EMGD for
> certain products.  They also have this EPOG thingy for their BLDK
> thing they just built.

Great. Please send a patch that you have made sure is legal.

> which apparently is also going to be released for their other
> procs too.

Great. Please send patches for those too!


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