[coreboot] Here are the specs of my laptop:

Brandon Dowdy brandonrd7 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 01:17:35 CET 2011

Name: Toshiba A135-S4437
CPU: Intel Core Duo
Northbridge: Intel 945GM
Southbridge: Intel ICH7-M
Super I/O: I don't know
Flash Chip: SST SST39VF080**
Flash Chip Size: 1MB
Flash Chip Supported: Yes
Flash Chip Type: Parallel***

* This is from a schematic I looked at online.

** This flash chip is Parallel although the southbridge supports only FWH.
This might be a flashrom bug or it might be that my laptop uses a special
*** That is explained on the Supported Hardware page of the flashrom wiki.
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