[coreboot] Troubles with 17'' WXGA on Roda RK886EX

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Fri Mar 4 06:46:15 CET 2011


I think it's a issue about lvds setting in VGA rom.
You can get the vbios from Intel's web site, and you need to modify it to fit your screen.
8086/27ae 8086/27a2 just different ID,because your have let the VGA rom run, so it doesn't matter  :-)  



* Vitaly Chertovskih  <chertovs at gmail.com > [110303 20:08]:
> Hi!
> I'm experiencing some troubles with VGA on notebook "Roda RF8". That notebook's
> motherboard and other specification is exact to Roda RK886EX, only the screen
> is larger (17'' WXGA 1440x900).
> On that week I installed coreboot on Roda RK886EX, it starts perfectly. But
> when i flashed the same coreboot on notebook RF8 - the screen is lightened, but
> remains blank. When i connect external LCD - it(external) works well with
> coreboot. So, i think, that the trouble is in initialization of that internal
> widescreen LCD.
> Roda RK886EX have LCD 15.1  XGA (1024x768) - works perfect.
> Roda RF8 - 17'' WXGA 1440x900 - blank (but lightened) screen (other init and OS
> booting is perfect with external LCD)
> The log file says nothing - when coreboot or seabios calls vga.bin - all is ok,
> like on Roda RK886EX.
> Please, help me. Where and how i can fix that?
> P.S.
> I build coreboot, choosing Roda motherboard, adding compiled SeaBIOS image (I
> download it from coreboot.org), and including VGA onboard rom, grabbed from /
> dev/mem as described in howtos on coreboot.org.
> I include my log from COM1.

Hi Vitaly,

it looks like your option rom does not match the graphics device

PCI: 00:02.0 [8086/27ae]

Your option rom seems to be for 8086/27a2 ...

Please also increase the log level of SeaBIOS.


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