[coreboot] Working on support for the Tolapai

Noé Rubinstein nrubinstein at proformatique.com
Thu Mar 3 12:20:43 CET 2011


I'm currently working on improving the support in Coreboot for the Intel Truxton, which is an EVB for Intel EP80579 (codename Tolapai). I'm trying to make it more agnostic with regards to which RAM modules can be used. Right now, it supports only some ECC modules.

I was able to get the board running with a Hynix HYMP564P72BP8-Y5 module, but I got into strange behaviour, as I only got the boot to work after adding two print statements in the RAM init (!). When trying to make modifications to support other boards, I got into similarly seemingly undeterministic failures: that is Coreboot failing during or little before the raminit, at random points (including during the execution of print statements). I'm not currently aware of where the problem comes from; I suppose it might be a compiler problem, or a cache problem, or something else entirely. Any idea about this problem? I don't understand the coreboot build process very well yet; is this part compiled with GCC?

It might not be related, but I have been able to get to the end of the before-ram code by adding the following to enable_smbus in src/southbridge/intel/i3100/early_smbus.c:
        // Taken from the i82801ex code
        /* clear any lingering errors, so the transaction will run */

With the info I have at disposition, I will probably be able to get a better support for the RAM init part. As it has been based on DDR1 init code and is used for DDR2, I think it is a good idea to rewrite it or to replace it with something derived from the i945 raminit code. Any thought on the matter?

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