[coreboot] how to deal with large romstage size?

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Wed Mar 2 08:49:14 CET 2011

On 3/1/11 5:47 PM, zxy__1127 wrote:
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > After I add some memory initialisize code, the romstage is over 64K
> byte,and tne code can't run properly.
> > Then what should I do when romstage is over 64K byte? Is romstage's
> size limits to 64KB?
> >
> > Thanks a lot!
> > 2011-03-01
> >
> It is not a direct limitation on romstage's size, but a result of most
> chipsets mapping only the top 64KB of flash to the memory space. Most
> chipsets require some programming to have the entire flash rom appear
> in memory. Your code didn't run properly because not all of it has
> been mapped to memory space and get effectively cut.
> But my romstage for Intel 440BX is only about 11KB. What chipset are
> you dealing with?
> my chipset is intel arrandal+qm57,it's MRC code is very large(about
> 110KB after build) :-(
> Also, look at implementing TINY_BOOTBLOCK which leaves a tiny stub,
> well within the 64KB limit, which does nothing but enable enough
> hardware (southbridge to be exact) to make the entire rom visible,
> then locates and executes the real romstage which is now just another
> stage in CBFS. Again, all 440BX/PIIX4 boards implement this and can be
> a reference.
> *actually, it can run at bootblock,but can not reach "cache_as_ram:".*

I think you need to make the complete flash visible in a southbridge

It would help if you could publish your current code so we can do better
than asking the crystal ball for answers ;)


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