[coreboot] how to deal with large romstage size?

zxy__1127 zxy__1127 at 163.com
Wed Mar 2 06:30:08 CET 2011

Arrandale and QM57... very nice recent hardware.

You are going to need to 1) make TINY_BOOTBLOCK work, 2) make sure
QM57 can map the entire ROM, 3) make CAR work on Arrandale, IIRC
coreboot still has no support for anything in the Intel Core family of

Good luck.

1) make TINY_BOOTBLOCK work
in .config file:CONFIG_TINY_BOOTBLOCK=y,is it means TINY_BOOTBLOCK work?
2) make sure QM57 can map the entire ROM
I'll work on it.
3) make CAR work on Arrandale
Sorry, my mistake.
it can run at bootblock,but can not reach "cache_as_ram:". --> It just take place when romstage in CBFS > 64KB.
when romstage in CBFS < 64KB, it runs OK,and serial can print strings.
So CAR work well on Arrandale.

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