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Sven Schnelle svens at stackframe.org
Tue Mar 1 16:16:57 CET 2011

Hi List,

this patches are adding a new subsystemid option to sconfig. This option
can be used to specify subsystem IDs in devicetree.cb, and is intended to
replace the old Kconfig option.

Main motivation for this patch is the fact that the current Kconfig mechanism
only allows to set a Subsystem Vendor/Device ID per Board, but not per Device.

My ThinkPad X60 and my T60 are using several subsystem device ids per Board,
so we want to have something more flexible.

A simple demo config which would equal the old Kconfig option:

device pci_domain 0 on
       subsystemid 0xdead 0xbeef inherit
       device pci 00.0 on end
       device pci 01.0 on end
       device pci 02.0 on end

This tells sconfig that it should use 0xdead as Vendor and 0xbeef as
device id for all devices below pci_domain 0.

A more complex config (taken from X60):

        device pci_domain 0 on
                device pci 00.0 on # Host bridge
                        subsystemid 0x17aa 0x2017
                device pci 02.0 on # VGA controller
                        subsystemid 0x17aa 0x201a
                device pci 02.1 on # display controller
                        subsystemid 0x17aa 0x201a
	        device pci 1b.0 on # Audio Cnotroller
                        subsystemid 0x17aa 0x2010

                device pci 1c.0 on end # Ethernet
                device pci 1c.1 on end # Atheros WLAN
                device pci 1d.0 on # USB UHCI
                        subsystemid 0x17aa 0x200a

This config would set different device IDs depending on the device.

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