[coreboot] ASRock E350M1: Boot delay with debug enabled, system RAM reported incorrectly in Linux

Marshall Buschman mbuschman at lucidmachines.com
Sun Jun 19 05:48:25 CEST 2011


With Scott's work on PCIe support for the E350M1, the NIC and USB3 are 
now working -- Thanks Scott!

The remaining problems that I know of are:

1) Enabling coreboot serial debugging slows system boot dramatically: 5min+
Someone mentioned in IRC that this is because we are attempting to write 
to the serial device before it is ready, which causes some kind of 
timeout/backoff/retry sequence. How can I help with this?

2) System RAM is reported incorrectly. In linux, "free -m" reports 480mb 
of total RAM -- the full total is 4gb.
The vendor BIOS reports 3.5gb. I did some digging and found out that 
somehow, Coreboot does see all of the ram, but for some reason, it is 
not marked as available ram. From the log:

coreboot memory table:
  0. 0000000000000000-0000000000000fff: CONFIGURATION TABLES
  1. 0000000000001000-000000000009ffff: RAM
  2. 00000000000c0000-000000001efffbff: RAM
  3. 00000000c7ff0000-00000000c7ffffff: CONFIGURATION TABLES
  4. 00000000c8000000-00000000dfffffff: RESERVED
  5. 00000000f8000000-00000000f8ffffff: RESERVED

If my understanding is correct, there's a gap of about 2.8GiB between 
areas 2 and 3. I don't understand why.

I've experimented a bit with manually adding a call to 
lb_add_memory_range() in add_mainboard_resources() in 
mainboard/asrock/e350m1/mainboard.c to attempt to statically add 
LB_MEM_RAM to the table, but this results in an unbootable system 100% 
of the time, so I'm pretty sure i'm missing something.

If anyone has any hints/suggestions, or can at least point me at the 
right sections of code in Coreboot and/or any relevant documentation, I 
would really appreciate the help.

The boot log (level INFO) is available at: 

Thank you!
-Marshall Buschman

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