[coreboot] Flashing bioses

HC Barfield nothereforever at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 12 11:12:43 CEST 2011

Message to moderator:
firstly i would suggest not putting an email address on a html page to save on spam... encode it instead: email(A)server(o)com
unencoded email address found here: http://www.coreboot.org/mailman/listinfo/coreboot
Mesage to site owners:
i find a minor problem with the FAQ page
it says: "Alternatively you could either use the DOS uniflash utility, or use its source code, which is also available for download from the uniflash site (in Turbo Pascal 7) as a reference for adding support for your flash chip to flashrom. " there is no invitation here to contribute your chip code for flashrom!!
message to people (or to moderator):
hello, people!
i have made a brick out of a Gigabyte GA8i945 motherboard and was considering getting a MSI board, the MSI has a AMI and the GA has Award, do you know of any issues i may come accross. since i intend on fixing the GA by desoldering and socketing, i could possibly use it to test coreboot if people want me to (and if i have the time, and if the board lives). yes, dual bios, only gave two chances - the second wasnt read only...
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