[coreboot] [rfc] ACPI cleanup proposal

Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu cristi.magherusan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 20:12:12 CEST 2011


Please find attached a diff that contains my work done during the
hackathon in Prague. The motherboard code that creates ACPi is
cleaner, as you can see on the Asus M2V-MX-SE code modified as a

For some reasons the motherboard failed to boot after I applied it, so
most likely there is a bug which needs to be fixed.

I don't have access to the mainboard anymore (it was Ruik's) and I
will only have access to mine in a month or so, so I thought that I
should send the code as a RFC, maybe someone will be able to figure it
out sooner than that and why not port it to other boards if

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