[coreboot] Core boot basics

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Jun 2 01:31:27 CEST 2011

Raleigh Boulware wrote:
> OK I have finally got the code to build a .rom file thanks to
> everyones help on here.

That's a big warning sign.

> My next step, now that it looks like my enviroment is settup, is to
> just learn my way aeround the basics of how the project is
> organized.

I think you should actually have started with this step.

> My question is what is the flow of how the source code works?

Why do you ask?

> What is the first thing or file that gets executed?

Why do you ask?

> then how do I flow the code from there?

Why do you want to do that?

In short, what is your detailed motivation for using coreboot?

Noone has time to hold your hand along the learning curve of
coreboot; you have to study on your own. Fortunately there are many
resources available for learning. You can read the mailing list
archives, where the exact same questions you ask have already been
asked and answered in depth.

The fact that you are asking questions that have already been
answered in the archive, along with your questions about package
management in Fedora, reveals that you have put no significant effort
into even learning what you need to learn - which suggests that you
expect or want to be spoon-fed every thing. This is not a useful
approach in most open source projects, because everyone is
contributing on a voluntary basis and it is extremely inefficient to
spend time on 1:1 spoon feeding.

coreboot is a fairly advanced project so please be prepared to
educate yourself if you're only just starting out.

Education takes time. Usually a lot of time. I'd expect a year to get
up to speed on all aspects of coreboot.

Of course there's also the alternative to buy professional training.

Several service providers are active contributors in the coreboot
community; they may be interested in offering introductory coreboot
training. This mailing list is a great place to advertise interest in
such training. I don't know of any that has been held so far, but if
there is demand there will without a doubt also be a supply! I have
no idea about the price point but I can guess.. There would probably
be a few different levels to choose from as for how far in depth the
training goes, and I would guess fees starting at $1k per participant.

In short: if you don't want to self educate then you have to pay
someone to do it for you. No free lunch here.


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