[coreboot] amd sb800 wrapper compile warning fix

She, Kerry Kerry.She at amd.com
Wed Jun 1 04:07:12 CEST 2011

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> She, Kerry wrote:
> > This patch fix a AMD sb800 wrapper compile warning:
> >
> > src/southbridge/amd/cimx_wrapper/sb800/late
> >
> > call clear_ioapic but not include the prototype declare header file.
> >
> > and remove some trivial blanks.
> I think it is very important to make whitespace changes in a patch of
> it's own, so that there are no other changes. Please also consider if
> changing the license text in the source code is neccessary. It may be
> better to keep unneccessary whitespace in the license texts, rather
> than having a commit which changes the license.
Removing the whitespace in the license text is not my intention.
I just use the script to remove all the whitespace when I found there is
some blank at the end of line in certain file.
> Anyway, isolating whitespace changes in separate commits allows to
> work more efficiently with the commit history in the future, which is
> sooner or later always neccessary.
> Please also create one patch for each logical change, with the
> respective commit messages. Having multiple patches makes the review
> process much easier, and also helps significantly when working with
> the commit history in the future.
Thanks for your advice


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