[coreboot] #173: Build faiulre with gcc 4.4.3 because of src/pc80/mc146818rtc_early.c unused variable

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Sun Jan 30 20:38:11 CET 2011

#173: Build faiulre with gcc 4.4.3 because of src/pc80/mc146818rtc_early.c unused
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 I'm trying to build coreboot with SeaBIOS payload for a qemu x86 platform,
 just to give it a try. I've selected the "Use CMOS for configuration
 values" option in the General setup menu just as a try (I don't know if
 that option is supported by qemu, nor if that's related with my problem
 anyway, this is my very first attempt playing around with coreboot) and my
 build process stopped with the following error:

 cc1: warnings being treated as errors[[BR]]
 src/pc80/mc146818rtc_early.c: In function 'do_normal_boot':
 src/pc80/mc146818rtc_early.c:64: error: unused variable 'i'
 make: *** [build/pc80/mc146818rtc_early.romstage.o] Error 1

 As stated in this ticket summary, I'm using gcc 4.4.3; I'm also building
 the stable version of coreboot, retrieved with the command:

 {{{ svn co svn://coreboot.org/coreboot/trunk coreboot }}}

 A closer look to the source file showed me that variable 'i' is only used
 within a conditionally compiled block, so I've solved the problem by
 simply wrapping that variable declaration in a similar '#if' block as

 static inline int do_normal_boot(void)
         unsigned char byte;
         int i;

 (i could just be moved entirely within the conditional block, according to
 coding style preferences)

 Though, I don't know if the above really solves the problem (in case, for
 instance, 'CONFIG_USE_CMOS_RECOVERY' should be defined in my configuration
 or in general), so that might require some further investigation by
 developers actively working on that piece of code (and aware of all

 I'm not sure what kind of priority should be given to this ticket, thus
 I'm leaving the default (major) for you to set it more appropriately,
 hoping you won't be disappointed about this.


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