[coreboot] QA contribution

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Sun Jan 30 07:05:15 CET 2011

* Danila Sukharev <mambet at gmail.com> [110130 06:00]:
> Hi there!
> I'm a QA guy interested in coreboot project. I have two mobos supported by
> coreboot; also I have some QA and dev skills (but mostly QA).
> I also have the ability to check the coreboot on some other mobos - I have them
> in my hands from time to time.

Awesome! Welcome!

> How is it possible for me to start contributing the project in such a role?
> Is there some guide, some list of open tasks, or list of fixes pending
> review?..
You might be interested in checking out our testing efforts:

Unfortunately no machines actually run tests these days.

Would love to hear your ideas on this.


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