[coreboot] ASRock 939A785GMH/128M trouble

Stefan Reinauer stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org
Sun Jan 30 06:59:39 CET 2011

* Dmitry Samoyloff <dmitry at obscurehalt.org> [110129 22:07]:
> I've tried to install Coreboot/SeaBIOS on my ASRock 939A785GMH/128M
> motherboard [1], leaving it totally unbootable: no beeps, no VGA output :-(
What's on serial console?

> I followed installation instructions from coreboot.org with SVN checkout,
> "make menuconfig" and "make". The payload is SeaBIOS stable.
> BTW, what makes me suspicious is a build process, the first "make" failed
> with:
>     <...>
>     Compiling (16bit) out/code16.o
>     Building ld scripts (version "")
>     Building ld scripts (version "")
>     Building ld scripts (version "")
>     Traceback (most recent call last):

This was fixed in the upstream repository.


Once there is a new release tag it'll go into the stable seabios build
for coreboot.


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