[coreboot] Moved 'pci_set_subsystem' to a weak function: Support for Siemens Mainboard

Joseph Kellermann Joseph.Kellermann at heitec.de
Tue Jan 25 11:44:34 CET 2011

I've compiled support for the Siemens 'sitemp' Mainboard. The board is similar to the AMD dbm690t.
I adapt the code from dbm690t according to customer requirement specification.
Linux is booting with seabios/filo.
Windows XP is booting with seabios.

This board comes with two hardware variants so I have to set up subvendor/device ids accordingly.
Also I've found an issue:
The default 'pci_set_subsystem' sets the subvendor/device id register# 0x2c. However, for a few devices in the RS690 the register is 0x4c respectively 0x50.

Moved 'pci_set_subsystem' to a weak function in 'pci_device.c'. So boards can add an override for the default function in mainboard/../override_df.c (or mainboard.c) and set it up too.

Hoping to receive a 'ack'.


Signed-off-by: Josef Kellermann joseph.kellermann at heitec.de

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