[coreboot] abuild error

Nils njacobs8 at hetnet.nl
Fri Jan 21 20:44:29 CET 2011

Hi Scott and Stefan,
Scott wrote:
> Hello Nils,
> If I build ts5300 using xgcc 4.5.1, I get:
> Fixed space: 0xe05b-0x10000  total: 8101  slack: 2  Percent slack: 0.0%
> 16bit size:           38896
> 32bit segmented size: 2416
> 32bit flat size:      51424
>   Linking out/rom16.o
>   Stripping out/rom16.strip.o
>   Linking out/rom32seg.o
>   Stripping out/rom32seg.strip.o
>   Linking out/rom.o
>   Prepping out/bios.bin
> Total size: 92736  Free space: 38336  Percent used: 70.8% (128KiB rom)
>     CBFS       coreboot.rom
>     PAYLOAD    SeaBIOS (internal, compression: LZMA)
> Could not add the file to CBFS, it's probably too big.
> File size: 46868 bytes (45 KB).
> make: *** [build/coreboot.rom] Error 1
> I need to resolve some git and perl problems with my Windows build
> environment before I can experiment easily. Is switching to a 256KB
> image a possibility for your use?
> Thanks,
> Scott

OK. I am releaved that i'm not the only one anymore who experienced this 
problem. I already thought i was doing something stupid.

Stefan wrote:
>Ah! This went undetected because the build system was still building
>coreboot with a very old version of filo. It should be picking up
>SeaBIOS with the coming releases.

I would have thought that the automated build system uses the latest abuild.

Thanks for fixing it.
It seems that i am the only one who uses abuild. ;)

Thanks, NIls.

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