[coreboot] gcc or glibc version dependancy problem

Yoo, Taik-Yon jaagar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 03:39:30 CET 2011

I built r6275 for my RS690/SB600 based box with debug level 8.
This box did not boot up.

The last displayed console message is `bsp_apicid=0x`.
This happens line 269 at src/console/vtxprintf.c.

num = va_arg(args, unsigned int);

I moved this source tree to ubuntu 9.0.4_x86_64 box.
Compiled again.

My box was correctly booted.
I don't know why this happens.

Build Environment:
- Gentoo Linux x86_64
- gcc: 4.5.2
- glibc: 2.12.2

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