[coreboot] abuild error

Nils njacobs8 at hetnet.nl
Fri Jan 21 02:17:41 CET 2011

Op vrijdag 21 januari 2011 01:26:06 schreef u:
> Thanks for investigating. I have always used the same xgcc for coreboot and
> seabios. I suppose your newly built xgcc is version 4.5.2. Is there any
> chance the coreboot.org build system is not yet using 4.5.2, and that
> explains the size difference? For the xgcc versions I have handy, there is
> only a small size difference:
>4.4.4 Total size: 74448  Free space: 56624  Percent used: 56.8% (128KiB rom) 
>4.5.0 Total size: 73840  Free space: 57232  Percent used: 56.3% (128KiB rom) 
>4.5.1 Total size: 74000  Free space: 57072  Percent used: 56.5% (128KiB rom)
> Thanks,
> Scott

Thanks for your answer.
Which coreboot revision and board did you use?
Is that the technologic/ts5300 which gives me trouble?
Are these numbers including SeaBios which is nowadays automatically included 
as payload?

Thanks, Nils.

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