[coreboot] abuild error

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Fri Jan 21 01:26:06 CET 2011

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]I investigated this some more and i think i found the problem.
]The crosscompiler is working ok now and my coreboot rom has the same size as 
]the one from the automatic build system of coreboot.org exept for the SeaBios 
]payload mine is 46881 bytes and the one from the automatic build system of 
]coreboot.org is 33545 bytes.(same stable version)
]My SeaBios payload exceeds the romchip size of the technologic/ts5300 hence 
]the error.
]Correct me if i am wrong but it seems to me that the SeaBios payload is not 
]build by  crossgcc .
]To have a host independable coreboot buildsystem i think the SeaBios makefile 
]should be patched after downloading in the same way as the coreboot makefile so 
]it uses the crossgcc.
]That way everybody that uses crossgcc should have the same results as the 
]automatic build system of coreboot.org.
]I think that when the results are not the same on all different host systems 
]the crosgcc is useless as reference.

]Thanks, Nils.

Thanks for investigating. I have always used the same xgcc for coreboot and
seabios. I suppose your newly built xgcc is version 4.5.2. Is there any chance
the coreboot.org build system is not yet using 4.5.2, and that explains the
size difference? For the xgcc versions I have handy, there is only a small
size difference:

4.4.4 Total size: 74448  Free space: 56624  Percent used: 56.8% (128KiB rom)
4.5.0 Total size: 73840  Free space: 57232  Percent used: 56.3% (128KiB rom)
4.5.1 Total size: 74000  Free space: 57072  Percent used: 56.5% (128KiB rom)


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