[coreboot] [PATCH] RS690 code booting RS740 with ECS A740GM-M

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Thu Jan 20 00:47:24 CET 2011

]HT is initialized to 200MHz. The lspci output (also attached) after
]coreboot loads, shows that 1.6GHz link frequency is possible. The
]documented limit for RS690 is 1GHz. The RS780 code is implemented
]differently, so it has k8 and fam10 support. Do you think it will be
]possible to use something from RS780 code? I am not confident and
]competent to make the changes myself, but I am willing to test patches

At the moment, HT frequency stays at 200 MHz for AMD family 10h processors
when coreboot initializes it. Here is an HT3 enable patch for family 10h
that may be useful:



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