[coreboot] Does coreboot+seabios suppport loading linux LiveCD?

Fengwei Zhang namedylan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 23:59:22 CET 2011

Hi Marc,

Thank you for your information. If I use PCI video card, it would boot 
into linux mint liveCD. But if I do S3 sleep for Linux Mint, it wakeup 
with error message from serial port:
Unknown INT10 function 1201!
int10 call returned error.


On 01/19/2011 05:02 PM, Marc Bertens wrote:
> Hi Fengwei,
> I played around with this setup on my Nokia IP530, but could not get it
> to work either.
> The nokia has no video adaptor, and to me at the time it seems that the
> a live CD did
> not access the video BIOS 0x10 functions, but uses direct memory access.
> So if you don't have a video adaptor in the machine, i think you may
> have the same
> problem. I'm not able to put a video adaptor in the nokia due to missing
> normal PCI slots
> it machine has only Compact PCI slots which are an industrial version of
> PCI.
> If you have a video adaptor, whats it doing at the loading time ?
> Marc
> On Wed, 2011-01-19 at 16:13 -0500, Fengwei Zhang wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does coreboot+seabios suppport loading linux LiveCD? I tried
>> coreboot+seabios+Linux Mint 10 LiveCD on board m2v-mx_se, it stoped at
>> loading OS stage. Has anyone have same situation?
>> Serial port log seems like to be normal. it stops at:
>> Booting from DVD/CD...
>> 691MB medium detected
>> Booting from 0000:7c00
>> Thanks in advance, and I also attached the serial port log.
>> Best,
>> Fengwei
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