[coreboot] abuild error

Nils njacobs8 at hetnet.nl
Fri Jan 14 17:36:48 CET 2011

Hi Stefan,
You wrote:
>It doesn't occur with the coreboot toolchain iirc though

I did a fresh unmoddified checkout on r6255.
Then i did buildgcc.
The downloading/building  of this beast takes more than an hour on my old 
laptop. :)
Then i got the same result:

nils at debian:~/coreboot_6255$ util/abuild/abuild -t technologic/ts5300
Building technologic/ts5300; i386: ok
  Creating config file... ok;  Compiling image on 1 cpu .. FAILED after 20s!
Log excerpt:
/bin/sh: -Wa,--divide: not found
    CBFS       coreboot.rom
    PAYLOAD    SeaBIOS (internal, compression: LZMA)
Could not add the file to CBFS, it's probably too big.
File size: 46848 bytes (45 KB).
make: *** [coreboot-builds/technologic_ts5300/coreboot.rom] Fout 1

The "-Wa,--divide: not found" error is from the old stable version of SeaBios 
that is used by Coreboot. This is already taken care of by Kevin in trunk.

How can i check if the crosscompiler is used?

Thanks, Nils.

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