[coreboot] Initial bits to support Thinkpad X60

Sven Schnelle svens at stackframe.org
Tue Jan 11 14:13:50 CET 2011

Hi Peter,

Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se> writes:

> Nice, a ThinkPad patch! :) Many have wanted that.
> Sven Schnelle wrote:
>> commit 7d3a1ebf3de5746d3dec8f47e74458c15018c694
>> Author: Sven Schnelle <svens at stackframe.org>
>> Date:   Mon Jan 10 13:23:59 2011 +0100
>>     Initial bits for X60 support
>>     Signed-off-by: Sven Schnelle <svens at stackframe.org>
> Well the commit is quite a lot more than initial bits for support. :)
> Could you split this up in a few more commits? E.g. one that adds the
> CPU model to the socket, one for speedstep (maybe combine them if
> appropriate) and then the one that adds the new board?

Hmm, i would first really appreciate comments from People who know the
CAR code if the modification is correct. I don't know the code well
enough to tell for sure.

But it should be not that big problem to split up the patches.

> Also, in particular for the patch that adds the new board, it is
> quite beneficial to use svn cp to copy files and *then* modify them
> for the new boards - that way the history is kept and the patch is
> much easier to look at. I am not sure how well git svn supports these
> operations. Maybe it does, but I haven't tried it.

Hmm, so i should 'svn cp' files like romstage.c, mainboard.c, etc?
Is the history really helpful if the target is different?



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