[coreboot] dmesg of a board which hangs at somewhere

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Mon Jan 10 20:33:44 CET 2011

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> Subject: [coreboot] dmesg of a board which hangs at somewhere
> ]I boot my board (Fam10/RS780/SB700) with coreboot. Sometimes it hangs at
> ]a place where it seems to a multi-core initialization. Before I debug
> ]this, could anyone give me a hint?
> I had a similar problem. It seems to be caused by multiple cores
> accessing the cf8/cfc interface simutaneously. Using the MMCONF_SUPPORT
> completely eliminates the problem for me.

All AMD CPUs should be using MMCONF_SUPPORT now. I thought that had
been added several months ago.

Xavi brings up a good point, Check the BKDG and revision guide for
settings and bug fixes that need to be implemented for newer CPUs.
Also check the the FID/VID setting is correct for the CPU.


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