[coreboot] Initial bits to support Thinkpad X60

Sven Schnelle svens at stackframe.org
Mon Jan 10 09:43:00 CET 2011


i started a port of coreboot to my Thinkpad X60 last week.

Things implemented right now:

Serial I/O over X6 ultrabase. The X60 itself doesn't have a  serial
interface, so the first thing i've done was to buy a Docking station.

CPU + Chipset initialization. There still one thing to discuss:
The X60s has a L2300 CPU, which has (AFAIK) a Socket 479 M, but the
coreboot code doesn't know model_6ex for socket_479M. so i added
model_6ex and speedsteep to the subdirs in
src/cpu/intel/socket_mPGA479M/Makefile.inc. Another thing: socket_479M
has it's own CAR code, which doesn't work on my CPU. Removed the extra
include and using the common intel CAR code works.

And most important: Linux boots with the DSDT extracted from the Vendor
BIOS. Without ACPI, interrupt routing is currently broken. Have not
tried windows. I did not add the disassembled IBM/Lenovo DSDT, as i'm
not sure if this violates any Copyright. (And we want to replace it by
our own ACPI code anyways)

Things not working:

- Dual Channel DRAM:

  The X60 has one DIMM per Channel, but coreboot expects the SPD
Addresses for Dual Channel on 0x50/0x52, but the Thinkpad has it wired
to 0x50/0x51.

- Power Management (of course :) )

  Needs reverse engineering of the Embedded Controller interface. This
is the next thing on my TODO List. I wrote a LPC Bus Support Package for
my Tektronix Logic Analyzer, so i'm able to capture all LPC traffic. I
will add dumps to the coreboot Wiki.

- Trackpoint

Needs probably some magic enable command to EC.

I'm adding the current version as diff to this email, in case anybody
wants to play with the code. Not sure if "it boot's Linux' is enough to
go into the coreboot SVN.

Yet another important thing:

I've modified my X60 in a way that i can switch between the original
BIOS Flash (SPI, MX25L1605D) and the Artecgroup USB Dongle (which is
connected via LPC) with the Wireless RFKILL switch. So i have not tried
booting the Notebook via SPI, as i don't want to erase my original BIOS
(still required for reverse engineering ;) )

I expect it to boot via SPI, but haven't tried it. So be careful when
flashing your Thinkpad :D



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