[coreboot] Trouble building coreboot/SeaBios

Prakash Punnoor prakashp at arcor.de
Fri Dec 30 16:06:54 CET 2011

I am trying to build coreboot with SeaBios (for a new mainboard I am trying to 
port). Initially the build system complained about a broken LD, so I built 
make crossgcc -j1 (iasl compile fails in parallel mode, btw) and rm .xcompile 
as written in the wiki. Now make -j1 goes further and dies on building 
Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 31 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 3 Optimizations
Compiling whole program out/ccode32flat.o
Compiling whole program out/code32seg.o
Building ld scripts (version "pre-1.6.4-20111230_155214-graviton")
File "./tools/layoutrom.py", line 75
print "Error: Fixed section %s has non-zero alignment (%d)" % (
I tried stable and master but both give this error. Any idea?
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