[coreboot] coreboot dinner in Berlin today Tuesday 27/12 at 1800 CET

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Dec 27 02:53:34 CET 2011

Hi all!

During the 28th Chaos Communication Congress [1] which starts today
there is an unusually high concentration of coreboot developers and
enthusiasts in Berlin, so this is a nice opportunity to have dinner
together, and perhaps chat a bit or two about firmware!

After reviewing the schedule of presentations (fahrplan [2]) it seems
that Day 1 may be the best suited for doing a dinner together, since
we may want to spend a little bit more time than the scheduled dinner
break in the evening.

The particular venue is as yet undecided. If I haven't made it to
dolores [3] for lunch I would be happy to go there. The food is
amazing. So far I know of roughly 7 persons who might join, and
although dolores is not optimal for a group of 7 sitting around and
chatting, we will be able to fit easily, especially since we are
starting a little bit earlier than the scheduled dinner break.

Other options include a few nice nearby restaurants, or possibly even
going on a slightly longer excursion eastbound to the Friedrichshain
area where there are plenty of nice restaurants.

Let's meet at 1800 CET somewhere around the wardrobe/exit in the bcc

Please don't hesitate to follow up with your suggestions or wishes
for a particular restaurant, and in any case I hope you see you
tomorrow evening!

Kind regards (and sorry for the short notice!)


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