[coreboot] About the boot steps of the coreboot-V4

Cui Lei neverforget_2002 at 163.com
Fri Dec 16 10:04:07 CET 2011

Hi, Kerry

Thank you for your reply. I find after __protected_start the execution 
will go to the fpu_start (in the fpu_enable.inc), then go to the 
cache_as_ram. Now I have a new problem, on my mainboard , there are more 
than 2minutes delay between __protected_start and __fpu_start, but on 
another mainboard(I just change the romsip code in order to run), it is 
ok. If I move the fpu_start code to the entry32.inc, the delay will be 
after the __fpu_star


> Hello, Rock
> You may need to have a look at the crt0.S,
> Take amd/persimmon as an example:
> #include "config.h"
>   #include "src/arch/x86/init/prologue.inc"
>   #include "src/cpu/x86/32bit/entry32.inc"
>   #include "src/cpu/x86/fpu_enable.inc"
>   #include "src/cpu/amd/agesa/cache_as_ram.inc"
>   #include "mainboard/amd/persimmon/romstage.inc"
> ~
> "build/romstage/crt0.S"
> But I think it's better to learn coreboot by playing with it
> on a mainboard than just reading the code.
> thanks
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>> Hi all,
>> I'm learnning the coreboot v4 source code. But when I read the file
>> entry32.inc, I don't know where the execution will jmp to after the
>> __protected_start.
>> I need help.
>> BRs,
>> Rock.
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