[coreboot] Do they preinstall coreboot from factory already ?

xdrudis xdrudis at tinet.cat
Wed Aug 24 22:43:27 CEST 2011

I've just seen these news about a new vehicle PC with 
5 seconds boot time thanks to coreboot, but there is 
no information on pricing, software (if any, maybe it 
is sold without hard disks ?) or firmware (apparently 
they would ship it with coreboot, but the datasheet 
does only say "supports AMD Coreboot technology", 
which might mean that the user can install it and 
it should work, although I'd think it's more likely
to mean it comes preinstalled. 

If so it may even be tempting. Pity my only vehicles 
are bicyles and I'm not sure what to use the 1.5 kg 
+ disks + screen+ power source for while riding... 
I guess you can also use it at home, but I wonder about 
the price (no , I'm not going to ask them because I 
wasn't thinking of buying a new computer now, but I'm curious).



In any case, congratulations all, it looks like another

Time to start a new section in the web about "where to buy?"

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